Homestudy is complete!!!!!

Last night our independent contractor came over for the last visit to have us sign off on the home study. We had started the adoption process in August so this has taken awhile but I am sure this helps weed out a lot of people who shouldn’t get custody of children. We are so happy that the home study part is finally over! I had thought that the home study would be sent to maybe Oklahoma City and it would be reviewed there. Turns out that it is actually turned into your case workers supervisor. We have more training to do this Saturday but we only have 3 and 1/2 Saturdays of training left! It seems to go by faster with a lot of the chapters compressed into each session.


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Another great read

I mentioned in an earlier post about how wonderful Kisses From Katie was. I have signed up for the Tyndale Blog Review Network and I was sent a complimentary copy of Still LoLo. Most people had heard of Lauren Scruggs and the accident she was in one year ago when she walked into a planes propeller.

Lauren has since written the book Still LoLo and I was happy to be able to read it. Honestly it was hard for me to read through some parts of the book when it went in depth about the accident. This is truly every parents worst nightmare but Lauren has drawn strength from every hardship and does not let it define her. I found the book very inspiring especially if you are in just one of those funk’s that you can’t get out of. I laughed, I cried and I smiled throughout reading this book. Lauren and her family are Christians so do expect to hear about how their faith helped them. I did not find this book to be preachy though so even non Christians should be able to read it without a problem.

You can read the first chapter here:



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Our first OKDHS training…

On Friday our homestudy was turned into the contractors supervisor and the supervisor approved it that day! Our contractor was telling us that it is going a lot faster then it usually does and he was pretty surprised. We are ecstatic! Our contractor has to come out at least twice so his last visit will be this week so we can sign off on the corrected homestudy. Our caseworker said once it is turned into OKDHS then it could take a month or less to approve it. What a wonderful New Years or Christmas present that would be!
Yesterday we had our first day of training. It has taken months to get here but we have finally started. I had told myself going in that I was not going to cry….that didn’t last long. During the first session of our class our caseworker was there and read a letter from an eight year old child. They asked that child to write down what they wanted in a family. The letter went something like this:
“I want a nice family that won’t beat me. I want a nice house. I want clean water and electricity. I want soap. I want a family that loves me. I don’t want them to kill my pets…”
And that’s when I lost it. There is NO reason any child should ever have to worry about having soap or any of the other things listed. This is ridiculous! I just wanted to take that child up in my arms and bring them back home. It was very, very hard to listen to. Especially with Christmas right around the corner and so many kids want expensive toys. All this child wants is a loving family with needs being provided and not to kill it’s pets? There should be a lot of us capable of providing those basic needs. We became even more sure of why we are going through this process.
There were a few things I learned :
1) There were teens that our caseworker knew that when someone found out that teen was adopted they would ask where are your parents? The teen would reply “No, these ARE MY parents!” I was kind of surprised to hear that. I guess I have it in my head that most teens in the system have given up trying to find a home so they no longer want one.
2) Learn how to hate the act but not the person. The child will learn things from you and you don’t want them having low self esteem thinking they came from a bad person. Instead find something they liked about that parent like did they make good spaghetti? Did they do something a certain way that made them feel good despite the bad things. It helps them not hate where they came from.
3) Teens want to meet other teens who are adopted. Im not sure how exactly you help them find others but I will ask my caseworker at our next training.
Now I have a few questions of my own. What is it like that first night you bring that child(ren) home? What do you do to make it feel like it’s their home too? Do you watch a movie or play games? Do you bake cookies or sit around and talk?
Me and D are young parents; he is turning 27 and I am 24. With that being said I am torn on a certain issue regarding adopting a 17 year old. Half of me thinks that it would be completely odd adopting a child only a few years younger than us. We obviously couldn’t pull off looking like we were the parents. I feel like the only things I could guide them on at that point is dating and college. Of course it would still be providing them a place to spend holidays, etc at. Which leads me to the other side of my thinking that is “who cares what it looks like. This child still needs a home and if no one else is going to do it then I am!”


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Relying on faith…

The independent contractor emailed me the home study for corrections before bringing it back over for the second visit. What a relief I felt when reading it! All the concerns I had before and right after the home study suddenly vanished. I think I was most worried about how it all was going to sound considering I am blunt and have the same amount of tact as a razorback hog.

This contractor really explained everything better than I could ever have. Now I feel completely comfortable and confident going forward with this. Sometimes it is really hard to trust and have faith that if it is supposed to happen, then it will. If anything this taught me that I need to learn to lean on my faith more.

Poor little G has been sick since Monday with a tummy bug. It got scary when projectile vomiting started. Thank God she went a full night without getting sick! Hopefully yesterday was the last of the virus leaving her body as tomorrow we have our first training day with DHS. The past few months we have been waiting for this has gone relatively quick. I guess that’s what happens when you have a two year old, are starting classes again, have two dogs and 18 chickens.

I am very, very excited about the training. I want to know all about these children and how to effectively handle different behaviors. We do not have our home study approved yet so even if it wasn’t, all this training could still benefit us with our own child.

D only had to work a half day today so we got to spend some extra time together making a gingerbread house. It will be interesting to see how it looks each year as G gets older. Though shortly after the whole thing collapsed! Opps! Guess next time we should let the house dry before we decorate it.

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Why gluten free?

*I am not a doctor nor do I intend to pose as one. Always consult your own doctor and do your own research*


I have mentioned in previous posts that I have gluten free products around the house or that I have to eat gluten free. Truth is I have Endometriosis. Such an ugly word and such an ugly disease. I found out that indeed I did have Endo while my husband was deployed when G was about 16 months old.

To my surprise most people do not have a clue what Endo is. Basically the cells of the Uterus decide to grow in other places such as bowels, ligaments, bladder and many other places. Rare cases have seen Endo implants on the lungs, in the nose and on the brain. Since these are the same cells as the ones that line the Uterus, they are driven by the same hormones. Meaning, they bleed and shed during your period just as it would inside the Uterus. Though when the Endo implants bleed and shed every month, the blood has no where to go but stay inside your body which causes pain and scar tissue. Adhesion’s can act as glue and can bind internal organs together (frozen pelvis).

Some women have this intense, horrible pain mostly during their periods but others have pain all the time.

The symptoms of Endo are:

*painful bowel movements

*painful sex

*feels like your insides are falling out

*painful urination

*pain in lower back and shooting pain down the legs

And a whole slew of other symptoms which are different for every woman. Many women with Endo have chronic fatigue and problems with fertility. THERE IS NO CURE!

I had never dealt with this pain growing up instead my pain got worse each month after G was born. It was like a light switch that turned on the disease in my body. The pain got so bad that I would fall to the floor while walking if a pain happened. The only way I can explain the pain to people is this:

Imagine a giant fishing hook and being lifted by that fishing hook down there.

It is the most intense pain ever and I have never felt pain like that besides when I was in labor. Every time I went to the bathroom I cried and I often avoided eating or drinking alot of fluids so I wouldn’t have to go often. Chasing G was not happening….I couldn’t keep up with her at all. The doctors wanted to put me on Lupron, I told them they were nuts. Lupron was not for me. I decided that I would rather try the less invasive route that proved to have no side effects first and then I would consider other routes after if necessary.

I found a group of women and Endo specialists on Facebook. Headed by a woman who worked with WERF (World Endometriosis Research Foundation.) I found out many helpful things. Since I grew up with a mom who was addicted to prescription medications I wasn’t comfortable with having to take them. I found that many women with Endo can benefit from kicking a food allergy to the curb. For some odd reason most women with Endo have an intolerance to gluten. I decided to try that first. I went 30 days without gluten and tried to eat whole wheat pasta after, within 3 hours I had the pain back.

I lost weight and was mostly pain free without the gluten. After a bit I started getting some pain back which is when I cut the caffeine out and the pain went out the window. I am soda free, salt free, msg free, gluten free. For the most part I don’t eat red meat except maybe once every three months. I consume as much organic produce and meat as I can. Which is why we raised our own meat chickens. We also have our own egg layers that have not had hormones or antibiotics.

A book I recommend is Endometriosis: A Key to healing through Nutrition by Dian Shepperson Mills

In no way am I saying that you can be cured from Endometriosis as there is NO cure. Endo can come back after repeated excision surgeries as well. I just use some of the nutritional methods to eliminate most of my pain.

If you have any suggestions, comments or have your own story of Endo please do share.



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Kisses From Katie

I have just finished reading Kisses from Katie, I am left in awe. In my opinion it is the best true story of adoption that I have read recently. I just have to recommend this book to everyone. It is inspiring and will move your soul. You can find the book here:

Kisses From Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption

I have also found her pages:

Kisses From Katie Blog

Amazima Ministries

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Homeschooling Awesomeness

I recently found this amazing blog about homeschooling that offers everything you can think of! I just had to share because the best part is, it’s all for free

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